Thursday 5 April 2018

The kitchen project - 2

The beginning of day 3. Most of the kitchen has been gutted.

The hob is still here but once the electricians start work later today, this will go in the skip.

The fridge is still in place because there's basically nowhere to put it. The house is full of stuff, everywhere, but the major problem (as predicted) is the dust. Our house is a building site, and even though every evening we clean as much as we can, it all comes back the next morning. We have bought an ioniser to help me breathe and I carry it with me from room to room - it helps, but then, as I leave the room I'm in, I start coughing and having difficulty breathing.

The cleaning we'll have to do when this is over is going to be monumental. I hope our wardrobes and chests of drawers will escape the dust - we had to clean all of our clothes the other times we had work done to the house, and I am dreading it, but there you go.... No gain without gain, to use a cliché.

They had difficulty pulling out the tiles in the kitchen and in the process three tiles in the hall broke. We have no replacement tiles, and certainly do not want to have to re-tile the hall, so this is an issue we'll have to try and sort out.

On top of the team who work on the kitchen, (four workers today), there is another builder here, who is doing other bits and pieces: we had some water damage on one of the ceilings following the heavy snow we had just before we went to Greece. This was re-painted yesterday. We are also doing some work in the main bathroom, replacing the bath with a shower. Messy work again, and consequently, the whole house is affected. Chaos everywhere.

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