Friday, 28 September 2018

The castle in the Hora in Serifos

This was our second visit to the Venetian castle in Hora in Serifos and it was, again, highly enjoyable. The castle is situated right at the top of the hill and was built in 1434. Right at the top is the church of Agios Constantinos, a bit higher than the church of Agios Giannis Theologos, built inside the rock and according to tradition, on the ruins of the ancient temple of Athene.

It's uphill all the way in the Hora, but then you get to a set of steps that twist three times before you get to the summit.

Hard work.

Looking back you get a good view of the Hora

Looking ahead, the coast and the Aegean

Once you reach a plateau, another set of steps that lead to the church of Agios Constantinos.

Yet another church on the plateau - whitewashed and very Greek

Then, the descent starts, on the other side of the hill. It was midday, the sun was strong, and it was very hot, but I managed to find a shady spot here and sat for a while. Two terraces, obviously belonging to the house on the other side of the lane: one with three pots positioned just so, and the other with two comfortable chairs. I could imagine the people who own this, sitting here, with the fantastically panoramic view below.

And then we got terribly lost. I had this idea that if we walked around the hill and down we would eventually get to the other side of the Hora, but we could not find a way through

it got too twisty and risky

with no clearly designated path

so we retraced our steps

past these five folding chairs which had been left in the middle of nowhere, and walked down to the Hora and the square for a much-needed cooling drink.

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