Sunday 28 October 2018

Ashraf Hanna

Ashraf Hanna at the Stratford Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Hanna's minimal, elegant vessels are slab built. They are exquisite. I visited the gallery one week after the exhibition opened, and the vast majority of his vessels had already sold - only 7 of the most expensive had been left. It is not surprising.

Artist's statement from his website:

'I am an Egyptian born British artist, currently resident and working from my studio in Pembrokeshire, West Wales...

The mark making is now a direct interaction between the hand and a lump of clay, fingers are no longer just used to hold the pencil but to exact an immediate gesture manipulating the solid mass of clay.... These very tools - our fingers - become an integral part of appreciating ceramics forms when we approach them as an audience, connecting both maker and observer... When we make, the physicality of an object is a manifestation of thoughts and emotions that we experience, a celebration of the marriage of ideas and skill. An object in my opinion should have a physical presence that invites a response on a number of levels, emotional as well as intellectual'.

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