Wednesday 17 October 2018

Ceramics at the Stratford gallery

Ceramics at the Stratford Gallery, Stratford.

We visited the Stratford Gallery last week, looking forward to the Ashraf Hanna exhibition. But, I had got the dates wrong and the exhibition had not opened yet. Never mind, there was lots of interesting pieces to see, and I can see the Hanna exhibition next week.

Lara Scobie:

Crisp, simple forms and fresh abstract decoration are Scobie's hallmark. Her ceramics are attractive to handle and use. I particularly like her jugs and leaning forms. 

I bought one of her bowls (a smaller version of the one below) at the Oxford Ceramics Fair last year. There was a long queue of people behind me vying for space to look and to pay, and when I produced my credit card she said that her machine was broken. Instead, she gave me her bank details and suggested I pay her electronically when I got home. I was impressed by her trust in people as we had never met before.

Large flowing rimmed dish with 23c gold leaf interior (parian clay)

Alex Shimwell:

Rhian Malin:

Margaret Curtis:

Jessica Thorn:

Peter Wills:

Emma Clegg:

I like the exquisite delicacy of Clegg's bowls, the contrast between the smooth, shiny glaze of the interior and the textured exterior.

She is very modest about her work. When the gallery owner told me she's his wife, I realised that I had met her the last time I was at the gallery when I bought one of her bowls and yet, she had not told me that it was her work I was buying.

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