Saturday 9 March 2019

The Stratford Gallery revisited

It was a pleasure revisiting this gallery and looking at their current collection of ceramics.

Margaret Curtis:

Matt Oval Cylinder (Black stoneware)

I saw this one during my last visit at the gallery and had it not been for the size, and the price, I would have bought it - it's by far the best piece in this exhibition.

Matt oval cylinders, black stoneware

Smaller versions of the above

 Eddie Curtis:

Mizusashi (cold water container for Japanese tea ceremony), applied surface texture, white shino

 Celadon Mizusashi, stoneware, celadon, copper oxides

Tea bowl

Alex Shimwell:

Textured porcelain, lidded pot with Celadon

  Pierre Williams:

Four pugilists waiting for the swifts, sculpted earthenware, gold lustre 

Paul Wearing: 

Low wide ellipse, stoneware 

Ellipse, stoneware

Sasha Wardell:

 Ripple bowls, bone china

  Jane Wheeler:

Ice Flagon

Ice Flagon 

looking closer

Jessica Thorn:

Orange apothecary bottles

 Paul Wills:

Medium pink and bronze porcelain bowl

Small pale yellow and bronze bowl, porcelain

Small pale yellow and bronze bowl, porcelain

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