Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Great Greek Painters of the 20th century - part 3

Great Greek Painters of the 20th century

at the Theoharakis Foundation, Athens.

This post is about late-20th century art from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Rhodes. You can see part 1 here and part 2 here

Yannis Macheridis, Landscape, 1997, (ink and mixed media on wood)

Manolis Charos, Landscape, 1998, (acrylic on cardboard)

Nikos Kessanlis, Feu a Patmos, 1982, (mixed media on canvas)

Georgios Mavroeidis, Night, 1957, (oil tempera, mixed media)

Makis Theofylaktopoulos, Untitled, 1986, (oil on canvas)

Panagiotis Tetsis, Balconies, 1960-61, (oil on canvas)

Marilena Zamboura, Exodus, 1991, (oil on canvas)

Dimitris Koukos, Landscape, 1992, (acrylic on canvas)

looking closer

Dimosthenis Kokkinides, 1979, (acrylic)

Pelagia Kyriazi, Fa├žade, 1987, (charcoal and pencil)

Vlassis Caniaris, Wall, 1960, (plaster, fabric, wire mesh, paint)

Costas Tsoclis, Tree, (wood and oil on canvas)

Christos Bokoros, In Memory, 1998, (oil on weathered wood)

looking closer

You can see more of Bokoros' work, here and here

Vasilis Theocharakis, Cloud Landscape, 1991, (oil on canvas)

Alexis Akrithakis, Bossa Nova 18, 1971, (oil on canvas)

Chronis Botsoglou, Eleni, 1984, (oil on canvas)

Thanasis Tsigkos, Red Boats, 1961, (mixed media)

Stathis Logothetis, N172, (mixed media)

looking closer

Stamos Theodoros, Infinity Field - Lefkada series, 1992, (acrylic and oil on paper)

Alekos Fassianos, Bicyclist, 1965, (oil on canvas)

Panos Charalambos, Pipe, 1991, (processed tobacco and mixed media)

looking closer

Panayotis Gravalos, Portrait of C. Cavafy, (oil and pencil on canvas)

Opy Zouni, Ascent, 1985, (acrylic on wood construction)

Achilleas Droungas, Luna, 1993, (oil on canvas)

Dimitris Mytaras, Mirror, 1987, (oil on canvas)

Sofia Portalaki, Untitled, 1996, (acrylic on linen)


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    1. It's really good, isn't it? I also liked the vibrant blues of the Portalaki.