Thursday 28 February 2019

Great Greek Painters of the 20th century - part 1

Great Greek Painters of the 20th century - part 1

at the Theoharakis Foundation, Athens.

This is a very welcome exhibition, as there are hardly any exhibitions in Athens this time round, and this includes private art galleries, as well as major state galleries and museums. I don't understand why. When the economic crisis first hit Greece eight years ago, I thought that one of the first sectors to be hit would have been the art world, but this was not the case as there were a lot of major exhibitions all around. So, why this time? I have no idea. It's been a real struggle to find things to go and see and it's been a real loss.

The works in this exhibition are from the Museum of Modern Art in Rhodes, and Athenians are very lucky to have access to them. I will be posting on the three parts of this exhibition, and this one is about early 20th century art.

Theophilos Hadjimichail, Georgios Karaiskakis, 1919, (oil on canvas)

Epaminondas Thomopoulos, Harvest, (oil on canvas)

Stelios Miliadis, Seine, 1915, (oil on canvas)

Dimitris Galanis, Seine, 1910, (egg tempera on paper)

Michalis Oikonomou, Landscape with Cypress, (oil on canvas)

Michalis Oikonomou, Houses in Aegina, (oil on canvas)

Kostas Maleas, The Pnyx with the Acropolis, 1914-17, (oil on paper)

Kostas Maleas, Acropolis, 1918-20, (oil on paper)

Spyros Papaloukas, Red Roofs in Lesvos, 1925, (oil on canvas)

Spyros Papaloukas, Houses in Mytilini, 1924, (oil on canvas)

Pericles Vyzantios, Caique with Sails, (oil on canvas)

Theophilos Hadjimichail, The Hero Miltiades Giataganas, (oil on wood panel)

Theophilos, The Meeting of Erotokritos and Arethousa, (oil on canvas)


  1. Interesting what you say about the lack of exhibitions. I suspect that art exhibitions have to be organised far in advance, and in the case of international ones, years - many years in advance. So, at the time the financial crisis broke and immediately after, exhibition arrangements were well under way for the next however many years. Now of course you may well be seeing the result of the lack of finances years ago to plan subsequent shows.

    It's interesting seeing this survey, thanks.

    1. You are right, of course, Olga. Not much to look forward to, then...