Friday 8 February 2019

The new INO mural in Athens

 Near the Old Gasworks in Athens,

and as a response to the current exhibition on Leonardo Da Vinci's work in the old bus station in Gazi,

the 90-metre long piece of street art, is impossible to photograph in its entirety.

The first panel of the mural depicts a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci - a blue dash has been added to the artist's brain.

Next, the Vitruvian Man where the eyes have been substituted with a bar code, signifying how the modern human has become a blind consumer.

 Mona Lisa's eyes feature in the next panel

Next, the Last Supper

Twelve figures are sitting eating money whilst at the bottom of the panel supplicating  hands reach up towards the table

Jesus' chair has been left empty, whilst above it, DaVinci's village which features in the original, has been substituted with the Acropolis - a dab of blue paint has exploded above the Acropolis

 A wonderful, new addition in a city which is full of street art and graffiti.

You can see more of INO's work, here .


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it just? I love his work. There are quite a few of his murals around Athens, and I have not seen all of them yet as some are in areas we never go, and it's difficult without a car - it seems a bit over the top taking the bus just to see some street art. This one is particularly good, I thought.