Saturday 16 February 2019

On the way to Skippers

A sunny day with a temperatures around 18oC, in a period characterised by storms, rain, high winds and intense cold, so we had to take advantage. We decided to go to Skipper's, one of our favourite places in the winter months.

On top of the hill, looking down at our beach which is situated at the end of our road. Deserted now, not even a winter swimmer in sight

except for a lone surfer - an unusual sight in our part of the world.

Quite a few winter swimmers, and some sun bathers on the free beach, however.

The promenade is surprisingly fairly empty today

the marina, which is where we're headed,  in the distance.

Part of the promenade is collapsing into the sea.

This was fixed a few years ago

but a slightly different section is slipping down into the sea now and has been doing so for over three years

Our mayor wants to have it fixed with local council funds, but central government is refusing to give the go-ahead. Does this make any sense? Why the refusal? After the other repairs had been carried out, with local funds, I need to emphasize, central government instigated court proceedings against our mayor. Were he to give the go-ahead for the current much-needed repairs, he would immediately be taken to jail, so understandably, he does not feel he can do anything without central government approval. So, this dangerous situation is left to deteriorate. The incompetence, narrow-mindedness and folly of the Greek government and bureaucracy, never cease to amaze me.

This promenade is one of the few places that people can go for a walk by the sea. Sure, there is the marina, but it's not open like this space is.

We have now reached the marina, and it's very pleasant walking around here. I read somewhere that it's the biggest marina in Southern Europe and I can well believe it - it's massive.

On our right, the marina administration offices.

We have reached the area where they launch the boats

so many boats, and when it's windy you get this other-worldly wailing from the masts, it always makes me think of the Banshee. But not today, when the sun is shining, and all is calm.

We have reached Skippers, and have managed to get a seat at the front so that we can have unimpeded views

of the boats

and this galleon. Called Varthalabau, it was constructed in 1980 and is the property of Skippers bar.  The deck consists of three levels. The stern and the bow are located higher than the middle section of the boat which features a gunwale at each side of the deck. The ship is equipped with eight fully operational iron cannons. The boat is equipped with two Diesel engines that allow it to sail. It  has participated in various events and re-enactments.

We have lunch here, and an ouzo and two hours later we walk back home.

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