Sunday 21 April 2019

A change of scene

After almost a week of dental visits and  sorting ourselves out in the apartment, we were able to go for our first walk  by the sea.

The apartment is almost back to normal and the dental situation is looking very promising, so we were able to start relaxing. The weather was very unstable for the first few days, with daily electric storms and heavy rain, but it looks like it might settle now, the sun has come out

and our walk was very pleasant.

We'd heard about the boat that the marina staff had sunk, making it ready to be taken away, so we went to have a look.

We walked all the way to Skippers where we sat for a mid-day ouzo and some lunch.

We watched this man and his slow climb to the top of the mast

My first thought was that a man in his middle sixties was too old to be doing this, but then, I remembered my father who in his eighties, would nimbly climb up our neighbour's fig tree to harvest precious ripe figs, while Ken and I, in our early 40s then, would look up from the ground, thinking 'I could never do that'.

 And, he made it.

We then watched three people trying to put up this sail but they seemed to have problems and they gave up after a while.

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