Monday 29 April 2019

Chantal Joffe - Childhood Now

Chantal Joffe - Childhood Now

ay Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

Joffe often works from photographs, but is adamant that she can only paint her daughter, Esme, as she currently is. Joffe's paintings of Esme chart the artist's changing role as a woman and a mother.

Esme on the Sofa, 2018, (oil on canvas)

Self-Portrait with Esme, 2008, (oil on board)

Esme in a Blue Skirt, 2014, (oil on canvas)

Self-Portrait with Esme Watching TV, 2012, (oil on board)

Esme (First Painting), 2004, (oil on board)

Vita, Alba and Esme, 2009, (oil on canvas)

Poppy, Esme, Oleanna, Gracie and Kate, 2014, (oil on canvas)

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