Friday 3 May 2019

Matthew Krishanu - Childhood Now

Matthew Krishanu, Childhood Now,

at Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

Matthew Krishanu was born in Bradford but moved to Bangladesh with his family when he was one, only returning to England when he was twelve. Family photographs function as a starting point for Krishanu's paintings, but these are edited and reimaged through the prism of memory and a painter's intuition. The two boys in Krishanu's works are based on the artist and his elder brother, Richard.

'Most of all I want people to be excited by the possibilities of paint: what has not been painted before how individual paintings relate to a world of paintings throughout history and the particularities of what paint can do that no other medium can - even in terms as a fortuitous drip or an oily lump of colour'.

Skeleton, 2014, (oil on canvas)

Bows and Arrows, 2018, (oil on canvas)

Kashmir, 2014, (oil on canvas)

Boys on a Rock, 2018, (oil on canvas)

Swimming Pool, 2018, (oil on canvas)

Two Boys, 2012, (oil on board)

Safari, 2013, (oil and acrylic on linen)

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