Saturday 11 May 2019

Behind the Mask - Aspa Papalexandri

Behind the Mask by Aspa Papalexandri at the Museum of the City of Athens.

This exhibition was an unexpected pleasure. Papalexandri's sculptures are powerful and unusual. The galleries are very dark and this adds to the power of the exhibition, but in some cases taking photographs was a pain - I have done my best.

Sequence, (stoneware, metal, LED)

In this first room of the exhibition, from left to right: FleeingIn the Mirror, Birds, Cracks , Tenement Housing 

Fleeing, (stoneware, metal)

looking closer

In the Mirror, (stoneware, mirror)

Cracks, (stoneware, wood, LED)

Tenement Housing, (stoneware, wood, wire mesh, LED)

looking closer

The second half of the first room, from right to left, The Void, Engaged, The RouteThe Other, The Whole

The Void, (stoneware, metal)

looking closer

Engaged, (stoneware, metal)

looking closer

The Other, the Whole, (stoneware, mirror)

looking closer

The second room:

Birds, (stoneware, plexiglass, mirror)

Angel, (stoneware, metal)

Shattering, (stoneware, mirror)

The third room:

Scream, (stoneware, cloth)

Abacus, (stoneware, wood)

The Route, (stoneware, wood, neon)

Puzzle, (stoneware, wood)

Robot, (stoneware)

The fourth room:

Ascent to the sun, (stoneware, wood, led)

Mature Timelines, (stoneware, infinity mirror, LED)

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