Wednesday 9 October 2019

I Spilia in Hydra

On the edge of the town of Hydra, by the rocks, there is a large cave that people like to swim in. There is a hole in the rock above the cave that kids used to dive into the sea inside the cave,  but now some mesh wire is covering the hole - for safety reasons I presume.

Next to the cave is situated I Spilia (the cave), the bar that we used to go to for pre-dinner ouzos.

It's one of my favourite places. 

You get 180o degree views from here, not just of the edge of town, but of the wide expanses of sea as well. Early evening is the best when the hill is illuminated by the setting sun

and everything is rosy and beautiful.

Some people would momentarily leave the bar and go for a quick dip

Then, as the first lights started coming on, the view would change. We would stay here until it got dark, and then we would start the walk to the taverna where we would eat.

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