Tuesday 1 October 2019

Re-visiting Hydra - the waterfront

After a six-year absence, It was wonderful visiting Hydra again this summer,.

First thing you notice, it's the donkeys (and mules, now). There is no motorised transport on the island, not even push bikes,  so the animals do all the fetching and carrying, including giving some tourists a donkey ride.

We even saw an English bride being transported on a donkey.

They are so patient... or just resting after the heavy loads they have to carry.

The small harbour is very cleverly divided into sections so that as many boats, small and large, as possible, can fit in the small space.

No new building work is allowed on the island, and this is the reason why it retains its charm

The clock tower dominates the waterfront

The town is crescent shaped. This is one end of the crescent, dominated by this oddly-shaped hill

and this is the other end. On this side of the bay are situated some of the grander houses of the town

This stone house with its two covered terraces on either side,  is one of my favourites

Dusk is magic here

and at night, the lights reflect in the water

and you can see the pin-pricks of lights on the hill beyond.

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