Saturday 28 December 2019

Cornelia Parker - One day this glass will break

One Day this Glass will Break, by Cornelia Parker

at Leamington Museum and Art Gallery.

This exhibition arose out of Parker's recent experiments at Thumbprint Editions, a printmaking studio in London, where she went 'on an adventure' with the master printmaker, investigating the possibilities of photogravure, a printmaking process developed in the 1850s that produces etchings with the tone and detail of a photograph through the exposure of a photographic positive film onto a copper plate.

During her experiments in printmaking Parker modified this technique by replacing photographic film with three-dimensional objects, in the manner of a 'photogenic drawing' - or photogram - developed by the 19th century photographic pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot. Through her combination of two early photographic techniques, Parker created a unique, hybrid form of printmaking.

Fox Talbot's Articles of Glass, 2017

Fox Talbot's Articles of Glass, 2017

Told You So, 2015

Premeditated Act of Violence, 2015

Pierced Basket, 2015

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