Thursday 6 February 2020

River walk

Two hours of sunshine in the middle of a rainy day was an opportunity to go for a walk in Stratford.

We parked the car at the Recreation Ground and started our river walk - the Shakespeare theatre across the river, and the sun reflecting in the water

The bandstand on our left

Feeding time

The Holy Trinity Church

It's a wonderful walk and one of our favourites

there was some flooding

including the path - but not enough to affect our walk

the river was so high that the weir had effectively disappeared

looking back.

After a while the path was too muddy for comfortable walking so we turned left and took the path along the fields

that leads to the Old Tramway

the Recreation Ground on our left - you can see the spire of the Holy Trinity Church in the distance

we had come full circle and, as we were not ready to go home yet, we decided to cross the bridge over the river

the view from the bridge

the theatre

a perfect line formation

I sat on a bench for a while, soaking up the sunshine

with the theatre on my right

Someone came to feed the swans - hundreds came.

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