Wednesday 12 February 2020

West Field, Charlecote Park

One of the reasons why we like the West Field in Charlecote Park is because it's all open spaces and it's a continuous walk without any interruptions. We started with the long avenue that leads to the field.

It was a glorious, sunny day and the bare branches of the trees looked wonderful against the blue sky.

A good view of the river

The long avenue that leads to the end of the field

that is flanked by ancient trees

it's a gorgeous walk.

We turned left on to another tree-lined avenue, with the arch, which was an alternative entrance to the park, ahead of us

We could see some deer in the distance

We turned left again, into open space

Left again, over the bridge, and we had come full circle, the house in the distance

On the way to the car park we had a good view of the church of St Leonard, originally built in the Medieval period which was completely rebuilt in 1851 by John Gibson.

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