Wednesday, 25 March 2020

First outing

This was my first proper walk after my operation, and it was such a delight! I drove up to the middle of Old Milverton village, parked the car, and we made my way towards the church and the fields. A sunny, glorious day, not many people about, given the restrictions due to the coronavirus, and I was in ecstasy.

Cottages hidden behind hedges and tress on one side of the road

the magnolia just starting to bloom

on the verge

and a field on the other side of the road. I could see some sheep in the distance, but no new-born lambs

We reached the old barn

this is apparently a copy - the original sign is in Warwick Museum.

Daffodils on the verge

The Community Hall

A clipped hedge - they have a pond and water feature in the garden, and we could hear kids having fun with the water

St James' Church

The Old Vicarage across the road

We entered the church grounds - Vera Britain is meant to be buried here, but I have never been able to find her grave, even though I have looked many times.

I love the spire of this church

We reached the gate that leads

to the fields and ultimately to the river and the Saxon Mill, a very popular pub and restaurant.

But, I had walked too long, on my single crutch. We retraced our steps, had a last look at the church and walked back to the car.

A lovely day out.

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