Tuesday 31 March 2020

Our new garden

We have lived in our house for approximately 25 years now, and never did anything much with the garden. It's a small garden that wraps itself around the house on three sides and when we first moved in, it was all paved,  the camellia being the only exception. We created a border at the back and planted some trees as we did not want to be overlooked by the neighbours, planted a few shrubs, but we are not gardeners and we just left the garden to its own devices. 

But, we did want a nice garden that we could enjoy so we got a team in who landscaped it, and it was finished a month ago, and this is the result. We wanted something that is very low-maintenance,
and we think we have achieved this.

This is the side of the house, as we come out of the front door.

The opposite view, looking towards the back garden.

Through the gate

On my right, a plaque I made when I was still able to do pottery at the local college.

On my left, a fairly formal border

at the end, an L-shaped border.

Looking closer

It will be good when things grow

This is a climbing hydrangea - I am looking forward to seeing what this looks like when it's grown.

Looking back - the wooden box for the recycling bins keeps everything tidy.

Turning right, and now we are at the back of the garden. Here is where we will put our garden furniture and sit when the weather gets warmer.

The camellia dominates this border

Stepping stones to make looking after this flower bed easier.

Turn right again, and the last bit of the garden

Quite a bit of colour which is good

Looking back

Turn left and we are at the back of the garden again.

We are very pleased with it and looking forward to seeing things growing and maturing, and of course, sitting in the garden enjoying it when the weather permits.

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