Friday 1 May 2020

Bluebell wood

One of our neighbours suggested we visit this wood which is full of bluebells this time of year. It's near where we live so we jumped at the chance - it's always good finding new places to walk. We've been twice so far, different sections of it, and these photographs were taken during our second visit. There is a third section of the wood and we will go there once the weather improves: it's been raining in the last two days.

It's wonderful there. The trees are mature and plentiful, and it's quiet except for the birdsong,

the bluebells are everywhere as is their heady scent.

The woods are situated between the villages of Leek Wootton and Hill Wootton, and we have not been able to find out what they are called. I have asked every person we have come across while walking (fortunately not too many people about, and it's been possible to keep a safe distance every time we have across someone) but no one seems to know what these woods are called. A search on the internet makes me think it's Gaveston Wood, but it could be another one, as the maps were not very clear and there are two woods in that area. So, for now, it's the bluebell wood, even though I will keep on trying to find out what it's called.

I love looking up at the canopy, even though I have to say that I keep forgetting to do so, as looking at the bluebells on the ground, is irresistible

I find the photographs I take of bluebells always disappointing as I don't seem to be able to capture the brilliance, the blue solidity of what is actually there.

Mind you, I only point and click, and maybe I need special filters or special features to capture their magnificence, and I have to be honest, I do not have the patience for any of that as it would detract from the pleasure of being there and enjoying it all.

I particularly like paths that are flanked by bluebells on both sides

A sunny day, and the light that filters through the trees makes it all hazy

while at other times the sunbeam cuts straight through the trees

This is an area, a very large area, full of bluebells, totally overwhelming in its beauty, and I could only capture small parts of it

It's spellbinding

Too many photographs, I know, but it's so beautiful

It's magic - one of the most beautiful things.

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