Tuesday 19 May 2020

St Nicholas Park

We went to St Nicholas Park in Warwick for our daily walk yesterday as Jephson and Mill Gardens are closed. A body was found in the river Leam on Friday morning and the parks have been closed ever since and will continue being so until the cause of death has been established. The body has been identified as that of a 65 year old man, his name has not been released yet.

Situated in the centre of Warwick, St Nicholas Park is vast and varied.

Due to the pandemic, the coffee shop, seen in the distance, is closed except for take-aways.

One of the park's nicest features is the stream, which runs along a small section of it.

The planting alongside the stream is wonderful and very creative.

Lots of colour at this time of year

A small bridge in the middle of it,

allows one to step over to the other side

At the end of the stream the river walk begins

It's a wonderful river walk

The ducks having a wonderful time in the sunshine

An avenue of copper beeches in the distance

Everything is so lush at the moment

The playing field on our left is massive

We reached the avenue of copper beeches

Surely, this must be the only public toilet in the whole country that has a thatched roof

Back at the stream

We then went along the river again,  but in the opposite direction

so that we could access the lower part of the park

mature trees

great contrast of colours

and some formal planting

finally, it was time to go back home.

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