Monday 13 July 2020

Bourton-on-the-Water revisited

It's so difficult finding different things to do during lockdown, activities to relieve the tedium of everything being the same every day, and to not have to think about all the things I miss: going to Greece and visiting art galleries being the two on top of the list. Last Monday we decided to go to Bourton-on-the-Water. We thought it would be safe enough, it was Monday after all, and very overcast. We were wrong. The car park was almost full, and there were so many people in the village that it was impossible to keep at a safe distance on the very narrow paths along the river. The worst bit was the path that leads from the car park to the centre of the village.

It was nevertheless lovely being there. The river is the shallowest I have ever seen and it's very picturesque.

One walks right next to people's gardens, which can't be very nice for those living there given how busy the village gets, but it's lovely for us.

We got to the first bridge, crossed it, and we were in the middle of the village.

The river is so shallow, the bottom seems to be on the surface

It's very picturesque - the river and the mellow Cotswold stone give the village its unique character.

The houses are beautiful and immaculately kept

Two pottery hens in this garden

As I said, it was busy - all the shops were open as were the cafes and restaurants. Officially the lockdown is almost over but it's too soon, consequently many of us are still being careful, and we fear that a second wave could be upon us as a result but I hope that's not the case.

Two bridges next to each other in the busiest part of the village - aren't they just wonderful?

Immaculately kept gardens,

A very small front garden, quite twee, but imaginative

a grander house, now a hotel

We entered this lane that leads to a short, but very pleasurable, walk in the countryside

and started walking along this path

open countryside on our left

and the river on our right

the river is just as shallow here as in the village

a nice seating area

In the distance I saw, what I thought was a bull

but it turned out to be the biggest cow I have ever seen

and a rabbit

we continued

it's so pretty here

this little bridge leads to a magnificent house

whose back garden is built in the middle of a fork of the river

on the wooden bridge what looks like a heron

looking closer

what an amazing place this is

and the house once we turned the corner

the front garden

this tree-lined path leads to the main road

and the side of the house

the main road runs alongside the river

We walked along this path for a while

admired this hedge-work

same house, around the corner

We then retraced our steps

had a peep through some iron gates at this garden

back to the wooden bridge, but the heron was not there

and eventually reached the village again. The motor museum

this mini always makes me laugh.

Back to the crowds

so we opted for the side streets

where it was quieter

A little lamb over the porch

Stopped at the Cotswolds Pottery for a look.

  Jules Jeffs jugs - a clear influence of Matisse here

traditional studio pottery which does not interest me that much

but some nice pieces nevertheless

We then made our way to the car park and back home. A lovely outing.

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