Saturday 18 July 2020

The Stratford gallery, July 2020

The Stratford gallery, July 2020.

Peter Wills:

Wills' bowls are beautiful and very distinctive. He uses white clays that he blends to his own recipes; however more recent work has been undertaken with a blend of English porcelain from Valentine Clays. Most work is thrown on a potter's wheel, raw-glazed when bone dry and once fired to 1280oC. Even more recently he has been experimenting with combining three different clays, which result in a volcanic-looking surface: they are the brown and white ones in this post.

Large agate ware bowl

Medium agate ware bowl

Little blue agate bowl

Medium river grogged porcelain turquoise bowl

Small green bowl with incised brown band

Small green bowl

River grogged porcelain bowls in green

Pale yellow bowl with river grogged porcelain and bronze ring to the centre

same bowl, different view

Lara Scobie:

'By integrating drawing, surface mark making and volume I play with the balance of space and pattern alongside hue and texture on both the decorated and void surface areas. For me it is the balance between composition and form, absence and presence, that offers some of the most exciting opportunities for expressing my creative work'.

Large deep bowl with orange interior - Parian porcelain

looking in

Deep bowl with orange - Parian porcelain

looking in

Sacha Wardell:

Katherine Glenday:

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