Thursday, 18 February 2021

Ceramics at the Goulandris Museum in Athens

The Goulandris Museum in Pagrati, Athens

Like many Greek shipowners, Basil and Elise Goulandris have contributed extensively to the art scene in Greece. The latest addition is the new Museum of Modern At in Pagratik. Housed in a 1920's neoclassical mansion, with a ten-storey new extension (five of which are below ground), the new museum has an impressive art collection.

I visited the museum in September and had the chance to look at the permanent collection which spans four floors: two exhibit Geek modern artists while the other two are dedicated to international ones.  Unfortunately, there were no temporary exhibitions due to the pandemic.

This first post is a short one, just 3 ceramics by Picasso.

Pablo Picasso, Still Life with Spoon, 1952, (partially ceramic plate)

Pablo Picasso, Gothic Pitcher with Leaves, 1952, (painted and engraved white earthenware, glazed in the interior)

Pablo Picasso, Woman's Head with Crown of Flowers, (partially glazed terracotta plaque)

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