Wednesday, 3 February 2021

The Stratford Gallery - paintings

The Stratford Gallery - paintings

Kerry Harding, West Hart Black

Jenny Lock, Structures, (oil on canvas)

Kerry Harding, The Tide Arrives, (oil on canvas)

Jenny Lock, In the Mix, (oil on canvas)

Stephen Lavis, Familiar and Unfamiliar (oil on canvas with graphite)

Stephen Lavis, Cartouche, (oil on canvas with graphite)

Laura Wade, Verge II, (Indian and walnut ink on cottong rag paper)

Kerry Harding, Wandered Further Than I Thought, (oil on canvas)

Kerry Harding, Yet Still the Unresting Castles Thresh, (oil on canvas)

John Lendis, Fox and Hare I, (oil on canvas)

Zoe Taylor, Words Jibber Jabber

Zoe Taylor, Reflecting a Beyond, (mixed media on aluminium)

Anna King, After the Clearfell, (oil and pencil on paper and board)

Anna King, Clearng, Duns Wood (study), (oil and pencil on paper and board)

Anna King

Anna King, Bare Trees, (oil and pencil on paper and board)

David Storey, Woman in a Red Wrap, (oil on canvas)

Stephen King, Orange Glow, (oil on canvas)