Thursday 2 September 2021

AKROpolites of '21, at Peritechnon Karteris

AKROpolites of '21, at Peritechnon Karteris, Kolonaki, Athens.

2021 is the 200th anniversary of the country's liberation from the Turks and the establishment of the new Greek State.  This exhibition celebrates this.

Marianna Voutsina, Attempts to Escape, (mixed media)

Dimitri Mastoropoulos, War Flower, (marble)

Aggelos Sotiropoulos, 21 Portraits of '21

Euridiki Belalopoulo, Window to Freedom, (mixed media)

Vasilis Tsitsibakos, Before the Explosion, (marble)

Michalis Tzanodimnos, Towards Freedom, (marble)

Ioannis Prodromos Kotsifakos, Freedom Steps, (photograph on stone)

Vasilis Tsitsibakos, Old Man, (marble)


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