Friday 24 September 2021

Alimos Classic Car Sunday

160 vintage and classic cars being exhibited by the sea front in our area, an event that's been organised by our wonderful mayor.  We missed this event last year, but were able to go this time. It was a good afternoon, and this is from someone who is really not interested in cars at all. The sea front was packed. I had not been in the middle of so many people since the pandemic started, and at times the sheer numbers did my head in. I also got really irritated by all these people who just had to pose for photographs in some cases in front of every single car.  I did nevertheless enjoy this very much.

I photographed just a fraction of what was on display, and yet this post is very long. Given the numbers of people it was difficult taking photographs and in most cases I only took one shot.

Mercedes 220D, 1965

Mercedes 560L, 1986

Rolls Royce, Silver Shadow, 1975

Mercedes 170N, 1939

Citroen, D Super FD, 1972

Chevrolet, Corvette, 1984

Mercedes, 180, 1963

Alfa Romeo, 1750 GT Veloce, 1969

Triumph, Spitfire, 1972

D.B. HBR 5, 1958

Maserati, 3500 GT Touring, 1960

Sunbeam, Alpine, 1966

Porsche, 911S, 1977

Porsche, 928S, 1986

A Ford, I couldn't see what the model is

Again, I don't have full information on this little cutie, but it said Tg500 at the back

Alfa Romeo, Spider Duetto, 1968

Alfa Romeo, Spider, 1986

Fiat, X1/9 A Series, 1978

Lincoln, Continental, 1975

Cadillac, Calais, 1970

Cadillac, Fleetwood 75, 1970

Chevrolet, Camaro RS 3,1L, 1990

MG, TD Midget, 1951

Ford, Mustang II, 1978

Porsche, 356 B 1600 S Coupe, 1962

TVR, Vixen S3, 1972

Chevrolet, Corvette C3, 1977

Chevrolet, Corvette C4, 1985

Another Chevrolet

Skoda, 110 R, 1973

Zastava, 750, 1973

Chrysler, Plymouth Belvedere, 1957

Ford, F15, 1943

Mercedes, 170S, 1950

Volvo, PV544, 1958

Dodge, W54 Ambulance 4x4, 1942

Willys, Jeep, 1951

Auto Union, 1000 Coupe Deluxe, 1958

Citroen, 2CV 6 Special, 1980

Volkswagen, Beetle, 1964

Citroen B 149, 1925

Pan Car, Buggy, 1984

Rolls Royce, 20/25, DHC, 1930

Willys MB, 1941

Volvo, PV544, 1958

Chevrolet, Corvette C2 Stringray, 1967

MG, TD, 1950