Wednesday 22 December 2021

Christmassy Compton Verney

Our visit to Compton Verney was great fun. We went to see two exhibitions and the walk around the grounds was a delight.

Red elves to be found in the most unexpected places.

A Christmas tree on a small boat in the middle of the lake

Christmas lights over the bridge

A large cluster of lanterns on the lawn by the lake - this must look wonderful at night

As we approached the house we could see that it was decorated

with Christmas trees and lights

Inside in the foyer more Christmas trees, silver ones this time.

We saw the two exhibitions we had come to see and then continued our walk in the grounds.

One of Capability Browne's bridges in the distance

A very wintery landscape

We walked towards the lake

There were a lot of very excited children on the grounds, some of them playing here

We could see the house in the distance. We walked all around the grounds and then came back full circle

to the bridge and the lanterns.

The boat looked even prettier from here

The ice house was surrounded with lights

and some trees had red bows tied around their trunks

We followed another path that was all  lit up

we followed the signs. At one point we were told we were 'nearly there'

another sign informed us that we had reached the 'North Pole' -  a hut, a glowing fire

a bush with decorations

a Christmas tree

a cosy bench

a tin full of sweets. No wonder the kids were so excited.

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