Thursday 30 December 2021

Museum of Contemporary Pottery Making

Thinking back at our time in Greece and our visit to the Museum of Contemporary Pottery Making...

The Museum of Contemporary Pottery Making is situated in this neo-classical building in the Thisio area in Athens.

The facade of the building is deceptive. One expects to find a conventional layout and yet on entering, 

one finds oneself in a courtyard, with stairs going to the upper floor on the left

looking up, the wonderful ceiling

the courtyard, surrounded by further sections of the building

the upper storey on our right

a one storey extension at the back

which I presume is where seminars are conducted. 

We then entered the door on our left which is where the museum is housed. The first room is the cofee shop

We then entered a space at the back of the buildig which originally must have been a courtyard, but now a glass roof has been installed making it an indoor space.

All along the back wall, huge urns with pottery wheels on the ground - pottery classes are held here on a regular basis for both adults and school children

We then entered a series of rooms. The first room is full of exhibits outlining the history of pottery making

The second room is dedicated to the making of pottery without a wheel: hand building or coiling


and there is a display of pots made with those techniques

as well as information on how to achieve this.

The third room is dedicated to pottery making with a wheel

and a display of pots made with that technique.

A traditional pot from Rhodes used for baking lamb

A vessel for storing water, wine, or oil from Karditsa

The first pot in this photograph is for storing honey 

Finally, a wheel

The fourth room is the shop

Plates from Sifnos

and the rest are from other regions of Greece, including some from Athens

Like in every room in this place, a wonderful ceiling 

Having looked around, and made our purchases, we walked back into the courtyard

looked at the display of pots that children had made in their pottery classes

Some more on the top of the fountain that supplied the water for the household

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