Sunday, 9 January 2022

Coventry Biennial: Hyper-Possible at Leamington Art Gallery

Coventry Biannial: Hyper-Possible, at Leamington Art Gallery.

More Hyper-Possible exhibits as part of Coventry Biennial, in Leamington this time. Two of the artists featured in the Coventry exhibition have exhibits in Leamington as well.

Luke Routledge, Soothsayers, 2021 (animatronic installation)

In Soothsayers, Routledge presents us with a scene in which a group of colourful patchwork sculptures have come together to enact an arcane ritual. Surrounded by talismans and domestic items this installation merges the otherworldly with the everyday.

Claudette Johnson, Standing Figure, 2017, (charcoal, pastel and masking tape on paper)

Johnson honours the form figure and strength of black women in her drawings and paintings. The large scale of her work, combined with the sensuality of her style, establishes presence and quiet power. 

Keith Piper, Four Corners, a Contest of Opposites, 1995, (computer montage prints on transparency film in lightboxes)

This istallation considers the presentation of black male icons who in this work are all boxing champions. 

Claudette Johnson, Figure in Blue, 2018, (gouache and pastel on paper)

Matthew Krishanu, Girl on a Bed, 2007, (acrylic on canvas)

Matthew Krishanu's series In Sickness and In Health features paintings made across a fifteen-year period. These include portraits of his wife, who is currently very unwell and regularly in hospital, alongside their daughter, painted as a small baby (in 2010), who features in the centre of the series.

Matthew Krishanu, Girl with Slippers, 2007-2012, (acrylic on canvas)

Matthew Krishanu, Girl with a Book, 2007, (acrylic on canvas)

Matthew Krishanu, Wedding Dress, 2009, (oil on linen)

Matthew Krishanu, Elephants, 2010, (acrylic on linen)

Matthew Krishanu, Room in Brighton, (after Edward Hopper, 2010, (oil on canvas)

Matthew Krishanu, Hospital Bed (Barts), 2021,

Matthew Krishanu, Hospital Bed (Whipps Cross), 2021, (acrylic on canvas)

Matthew Krishanu, The Convalescent (after Gwen John), 2021, (acrylic on canvas)


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