Tuesday 11 January 2022


During one of our walks in Jephson Gardens we noticed lots of fungi 

on the trunk of this tree.

A passerby who also stopped to have a look, told us that it's called chicken of the woods. I looked it up and I think he was right. 

'The chicken of the woods is a bright sulphur-yellow fungus comprising several thick, overlapping brackets. The individual brackets are soft and spongy when young and exude a yellow liquid if squeezed. They are fan-shaped with an undulating margin. The upper surface is velvety and yellow-orange with a zoned margin, while the underside is yellow and covered with spores'.

There were some on the exposed roots as well, but those were pink, so I presume a different variety.

There were also some very different ones further up the trunk, thick and fleshy.

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