Friday, 8 April 2022

Ceramics at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery - March 2022

Ceramics at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery, March 2022

The gallery were in-between exhibitions when we visited, so there was very little on display, and some of the pots did not indicate who the maker is. It was nevertheless, a pleasure to visit.

Natasha Daintry, Flame, 2020

Ashley Howard

Katerina Evangelidou, Vase, 1960, (wood fired stoneware)

Siddig El Nigoumi, Monumental calligraphic charger, 1980

Siddig El Nigoumi, Homage to Michael Cardew, miniature stools, 1987, (burnished earthenware)

Sebastian Blackie, Identity Mug, 1949, (unprocessed clay)

Sebastian Blackie

Sebastian Blackie, Large Vessel, (unprocessed clay)

Katerina Evangelidou

Katerina Evangelidou, Plate, (wood fired stoneware)

Katerina Evangelidou, Vases, (wood fired stoneware)

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