Sunday 3 April 2022

Ryton Pools

Ryton Pools was closed for a long time during the pandemic, and then, we got out of the habit of going there. Two weeks ago, however, we decided to re-visit

It was good being back to this old landfill site which has been re-landscaped so beautifully

First glimpse of one of the pools

We took this narrow path 

that runs along the pool

On the right at the end of this path sits this modernist house. I would not mind living here

and having such wonderful views from the windows and garden

We retraced our steps, joined the main path and entered the bird hide - a few mallards and a swan were there to greet us

Back on the path and we reached the sand martin wall which is situated across the stream

The nesting wall was erected a few years ago. A colony of sand martins took up residence at the old Peugeot plant nearby, in material that was stockpiled for later use. Ryton Pools was deemed a suitable nearby site on which to create an artificial habitat that could offer the colony an alternative home.

The result was this nesting wall which is 15m in length and just over 2m high, providing over 75 individual nesting compartments.

We continued on our way

Over the fence, in the field, 

we saw a pony and a donkey

The donkey ignored us, but the pony came over to say hello

We walked on

the second pool on our left

a few mallards on the edge of the pool where we stopped to have a look

and a swan

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