Thursday 2 June 2022

Bevere Gallery - May 2022

Bevere Gallery - May 2022.

Another visit to the gallery, and as usual, lots of interesting pots to look at.

Peter Hayes:

Jane Hollidge:

Although starting out as a painter, Hollidge soon found her passion lay in ceramic art. She began studying ceramics in 1990 and set up her own workshop in 1992. The greatest impact on her life was living in Asia. The wonderful simplicity and discipline of the art and culture there is seen in the way even the most humble objects are arranged.

She likes to keep her work simple, all her pots are made by hand, using the coiling and pinching method, some are then burnished for smoke firing, She also makes slab pots with abstract design using velvet glazes, first firing at 1000c then second firing at 980c.

Pinch bowl

Slab bottles

Slab pot

Celia Macpherson:

Coil built stoneware bowl

Grainne Watts:

Watts lives and works in Ireland. In recent years her work has developed into specific themes that explore and expand through edition series. There are unifying sources of inspiration that run through each body of work. Many of these influences relate to colour, pattern and the visual and tactile marks evident in nature. She works with porcelain and stoneware clays and uses layers of vibrant under-glazes an slips to create interesting surface detail. Colour makes an impact of course, but the use of unusual colour contrast makes it special. 

'Floating' vessel

Sharon Griffin:

Griffin likes to be inspired by a narrative that mirrors or tells a story of an everyday moment in life. She is especially attracted to the 'underdog' and to those who have yet to be noticed. She likes to represent the real rather than the ideal and to search for a beautiful story in an everyday life situation.

She wishes to evoke 'feeling' and mirror the 'gesture' through the use of fast marks, quick making techniques and 'sketches'. Her work sometimes has an unfinished quality which adds to the idea that the figure is a suggestion of a living being rather than a still ornamental object. Her ideas are directly conveyed into the clay using the minimum of tools. She begins with an idea, although she never really knows what the figure will end up becoming.

Jemma Gowland:

Clare Conrad:

Kim Colbrook:

Midori Takaki:

Guardian of the Temple Mask

Laura Murphy:

Anna Smyth:

Katy O'Neil:

Anne-Marie Jacobs:

Charlotte Voden:

Jill Fanshawe Kato:

Walter Keeler:

Patrick O'Donoghue:

Orli Ivanov:

Finally three paintings by Janet James:

Verdant Valley I

Verdant Valley II

Winstone Hill II


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