Monday 8 August 2022

Eating out by the sea

Unlike, large parts of Europe, the temperatures here are bearable, ranging between 30oC and 35oC. In the evenings there's a pleasant breeze, so we have been able to go out to eat by the sea.

The first place we went to is Edem, in Palaio Faliro which is near where we live and one of our regular haunts.

We always book a table on the front row, on the sand, with the sea a metre away.

The sunsets are breathtaking.

And then it gets dark and all the lights come on.

We also like to go to Edem, the bar, which is next to the restaurant.  The food is not that great, but we love sitting there, looking at the same view, but somehow altered.

We like to go early, when it's very quiet, but it does get busy later on.

I love it when a cloud fractures the sun

and the water turns golden.

Once it gets dark all the lights in the bar come on

and the moon appears.

Last week we went to Panorama in Kavouri.

It was packed, but we had a good table, by the sea, and were able to ignore the crowds

and concentrate at looking at the sea instead

as well as changes in the sky as the sun set.


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