Friday 12 August 2022


Soon after we visited the National Garden we had the opportunity to walk through it again. This time we had been to the Benaki Museum, saw an exhibition of John Craxton's paintings and then walked through the garden on our way to Aigli, the restaurant on the edge of the garden, which unfortunately was closed.

As we walked through the garden we came across three ponds, each full of turtles. It was a delight seeing them, and everyone else seemed to think so, because everyone stopped to have a look.

The first pond, 

had some rocks so that the turtles would have the option of either being in the water or on dry land.

The babies like to perch on mum's back

Lots of them swimming about

or enjoying the warmth of the sun

Geese swim in happy coexistence with the turtles.

The second pond is a little further down 

On the edge of the park, next to the Zappeion building

is the third pond, a very small one,

which, again, is full.

Ahhh! Adorable.

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