Wednesday 18 May 2011

Art Deco glamour

I was looking forward to seeing the art deco bathroom at Upton House as I had heard so much about it, but nothing had prepared me for its style, elegance and sheer wow factor

Alcoves, columns, a rich deep red and walls covered in aluminium leaf.

The multi faceted vaulted ceiling, also in aluminium leaf

The bath in its own alcove

another view of the bath



the alcove with the dressing table


and a closer look


the mirror above the sink, again in its own alocove

moving back a bit ...


a glimpse of the stylish bedroom.

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  1. Colin says he thinks Ernest, you'll have to ask him the relationship there, designed the bathroom when the house was made over. Ernest is the one who designed the Shell building on the South Bank with the wonderful clock that is such an iconic part of the Thames view. Of course the Shell people also owned Upton.