Sunday 15 May 2011

Hubert Dalwood

The second exhibition currently showing at the Mead Gallery is  'Hubert Dalwood, Landscape into Sculpture'

But before going into the exhibition we admired the neon light installation at the entrance.

The young Priest


Relief I

Mother and child

Landscape into Sculpture

Cloudy tower

Anni, at the Mead Gallery but in this photograph  as exhibited at Roche Court

I loved the large aluminium sculptures.
He became fascinated with the relationship of sculpture to architecture, and the relation of both to the body.  'Scale is the important thing. That is what the Greeks were so good at, relating their buildings and their spaces, even when very large, to the scale of a human being. That is what architecture is for me, and that is what sculpture is also'.
Temple, in Toronto.

At Roche Court, perfect relationship between architecture, sculpture and the body.



  1. Both exhibitions look great. i must get myself up there to see them.

  2. Where is Roche Court? The glass wall in that last photo, the way it joins the slim-looking roof, and the chunky door are fab. Wouldn't you just love that in a house? Probably best to have it overlooking an inner garden, rather than facing out onto a main road, though!