Tuesday 17 May 2011

Inside Upton House

Last time we visited Upton House in March, the house was closed so we wandered around the grounds. This time it was the turn of the house itself.

The grand fireplace at the entrance lobby.

A view of the entrance lobby from the floor above

The owner of the house was chair of Shell so there is a room that is full of Shell adverts in the form of paintings, prints and posters

Footballers Prefer Shell, by Paul Nash (oil on canvas, 1935)

and the poster

These Men use Shell: Journalists by Hans Schleger

The surreal into advertising....

Adoration of the Kings,  Hieronymous Bosch

The Massacre of the Innocents, After Peter Bruegel the Elder

A Man and his Wife,  Master of the St. Barbara Legend

A last look at the grounds.

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  1. I really must visit Upton House again.