Saturday 11 June 2011


At the centre of a prehistoric complex in the Marlborough Downs stands the World Hesitage Site of Avebury, the largest stone circle in the world.

It dates from around 4,500 years ago and many of the stones were re-erected in the 1930s.

The circles and henge enclose part of the village.

Now we are in the village itself and this is the dovecote dating from the early 1600s (if I remember right). It is in the middle of the village on the side of a clearing with a pond in the middle, an old barn on one side which is a museum now as well as the National Trust restaurant which is the only NT restaurant serving vegetarian food and where we had lunch.

At the other end of the clearing is Avebury Manor

The gardens were restored twice in the 20th century. We start with the Monk's Garden

The East entrance to the Manor and the East Garden

the pet cemetary on our left as we move on towards

the Topiary Garden

and another view

walking along the Half Moon Garden which is bordered with lavender on one side

leading on to the Kitchen Garden

with its wonderful pond

more lillies, white this time

and more topiary

on to the Italian Walk

then through this doorway

finally, some rest on a bench in the Half Moon garden.

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  1. Glad you were able to manage such a beautiful walk.