Monday, 6 June 2011

The Indignant

Following the example of their brothers and sisters in  Spain, the people of Athens have been protesting against austerity measures and demanding that politicians be more in tune with their citizens' needs. Thousands have been protesting since May 25th in front of Parliament in Syntagma Square. This is an unprecedentent outburst of civil discontent and the numbers have reached 100,000.

This is the 12th day of the protests. There were protests in Thessaloniki and Patra and dozens of other cities throughout the country.

What is amazing is how little publicity this mass movement has been getting in the international press. Is it because it is a non-violent movement, and does this go to show how selective the media is in choosing the images it provides us with?

For too long Greece's political system has not changed because there wasn't anything powerful enough to bring about that change. Maybe the time has come....

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