Friday 10 June 2011

New Art Centre

The grounds at Roche Court are magnificent. We had such a wonderful afternoon wandering about and looking at the sculptures which are all for sale.

Peter Randall-Page's Mother Tongue  was right by the entrance

followed by Pythagoras Stone also by Peter Randall-Page

Another Time XII, by Antony Gormley

Bulb  by Michael Craig-Martin

manicured lawns with sculptures dotted about

In front of the walled garden

Rockswarm by Bill Woodrow

The Outsider/The Insider by Simon Periton

Acrobats by Barry Flanagan and Union Horse with Two Discs by Christopher Le Brun
I had to really zoom in for those, you could barely seee them in the distance 

the tiniest pond, but oh so cute!

Far in the distance is another Antony Gormley but you can not see it in the photograph as it is so far away

Imagine You Are Driving A Blue Honda, by Julian Opie
Imagine You Are Driving A Yellow Car, by Julian Opie
both made with aluminium and paint

Ken had fun here

Someone and Someone, by Eva Rothchild

The path with lavender on either side is a real delight

and some colour

Back to Earth, by Fernando Casasempere, made out of stoneware and porcelain, amazing texture

and a closer look

Hammer, by Michael Craig-Martin.


  1. Just seen an offer for 2 nights for the price of one in salisbury. Your photos make me want to go and see it all.

  2. Certainly beats the pharmaceuticals company