Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lyveden New Bield

The garden and lodge at Lyveden were created by Sir Thomas Tresham between 1595 and 1605. He was persecuted as a Catholic and his son was implicated in the Gunpowder Plot and because of this, the house was raised to the ground.

All that remains now is the lodge.

which looks like a ruin

but this is as far as they got to building it - it was never completed because of the persecution of the family

there is no roof, no internal floors

except for a small platform which you can access by this spiral staircase

and then you can admire the views.

Due to the absence of a roof, the floor was flooded on the day we visited as it had been raining hard all night.

There are three viewing mounts in the grounds

This is the second viewing mout with the third one right at the end.

They were dredging the lake and parts of the moat when we were there so these parts of the grounds were out of bounds.

you can get some good views from the mounts

of the surrounding countryside.

So many shades of green....

the orchard

this is all around, surrounding the grounds

The view as we leave.