Wednesday 3 October 2012

The legend of the protester dog

I have posted before, here and here about the role of the dogs, and more specifically this particular dog, in the protests that have been occuring in the streets of Athens these last two years.
What is remarkable is that Loukanikos (Sausage) always sides with the protesters and only barks at the police.
'One committed protester was at the front line when Greek police fired teargas at protesters outside Parliament. The dog, thought to be a stray called Loukanikos, Sausage, has been in the centre of the action for years'. BBC

Loukanikos confronting riot police in Athens, 2011 - file pic 

Loukanikos was featured by TIME magazine as 'person of the Year 2011'.

News has reached us that Loukanikos' career as a protester has ended: he has been adopted by a family and is a pet now rather than a stray. Loukanikos (his real name is Thodoris) never missed a protest and he will now be sorely missed.

Sources:   99getsmart
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  1. Nice and moving video..... :) Even though most of them (as we all know) are not real protesters...!

    1. Hello Alimos Online, and thank you for your comment. A moving video indeed. However, I don't understand why you think they're not real protesters - of course they are.

  2. I mean of course they are.... except for the koukouloforoi!!! Lovely video and hopfully the dog will be in good hands and happy!!!!

    1. I hope so too, even though I think the dog was happy before... It is the end of an era. As for the koukouloforoi, they are protesters as well!