Monday, 22 October 2012

No to austerity

National TUC demonstation in London against the cuts and austerity, October 20.

The demonstration was huge, it was estimated that 150,000 people took part.

The demonstrators started moving off at 12:00.

Lots of interesting banners, lots of imaginative dressing up. I loved the three little girls dressed as nurses, carrying their 'keep our NHS safe' banners.

Keeping the rich safe. There were also riot police stationed across the road.

We were at the head of the demonstration and we arrived at Hyde Park early on.

Lots of evidence of solidarity for Greece

some more.

We stayed in the park for an hour watching people pouring in, looking at the stalls

that's when we spotted this guy. When I spoke to him in Greek he did not understand me. I found out he is Turkish - that was the most pleasantly unexpected bit of the day

We then decided to retrace our steps and walk back along the route of the demonstration

lots of interesting placards

and people

this placard came out blurry, but still worth including

every walk of life was represented

which was really pleasing

carnival atmosphere

with lots of imagination

solidarity with Greece

another gay group

lots of music

home made placards are always the best

so many banners

many banners and placards about 'plebs'

here's another one

and another one

as I said, homemade ones are always the best


Outside Starbucks.

It was a great day and very pleasing that so many people turned up. Shame on the media as the fact that 150,000 people took part in the demonstration in London, and loads more in Glasgow and Belfast was the most underreported event of the weekend. No mention in the Sunday Observer. Most other papers reported the event by emphasising the fact that Ed Miliband was booed when he said that there would be more austerity under Labour - it was the same with television news.  Our 'objective', 'non-biased' press will only report marches when there is a confrontation with the police so that they can discredit the demonstrators and their cause. Shame!

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