Tuesday 5 February 2013


Another stunning display from Antonello in Kolonaki.

The title of today's display is 'the transformation of love', I am told. The green side of the mannequin is the usual state of a person, the bulbs and green shoots symbolising the potential that exists in all of us.  Once love hits, then the whole person blooms.

Moving on to the right is the massive tree trunk that masks the stairwell

the interior of the shop as seen from the entrance

red roses predominate

in preparation for Valentine's day.

Unfortunately, I won't be here then.

There are other colours too, otherwise the display would not 'work'

and an almond tree with the first blossom - anenomies at the base.


  1. Such contrasts in your blog from the horrors of the state to the beauties of the bits of commerce which are presumably thriving.

    1. The contrasts are intentional, as this is the way we live these days. Too much sometimes, it breaks your heart...