Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kostas Koulendianos - the later years

Kostas Koulendianos, at the Benaki Museum, Pireos Street. The first part of this exhibition can be seen here

New Generation, 1981, (bolted iron)

The artist at work

Composition, 1981 (bolted steel)

Folded Silkscreen, 1985

Smile, 1982 (bolted wood)

Sculpture, 1993, (bolted iron) 

Figures, 1990, (round steel)

Reclining, 1976, (bolted iron)

 Bas-relief, 1993 (bolted wood)

New Generation VII, 1993, (bolted wood)

Bas-Relief, 1993 (bolted wood)

New Generation VIII, 1994 (bolted wood)

looking closer

Sculpture, 1990 (concrete reinforcing bar)

Armchairs, 1990 (concrete reinforcing bars)

Gypsy, 1990, (concrete reinforcing bar)

New Generation III, 1986 (bolted iron)

Generation IX, 1988 (bolted iron)

Generation Four VI, 1988, (bolted iron)

Finally, some of the works in the courtyard of the museum

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