Tuesday 19 February 2013

Modern Norwegian Architecture

Modern Norwegian Architecture, at the Benaki Museum, Pireos Street.

Local Cultural Institutions

Campfire spot for children (naturally impregnated pine heartwood, oak)

A little pavilion provides shelter for kindergarten children. A functional installation using surplus materials from a nearby construction project.


Tubaloon (pvc cloth and steel frame)

Every summer this temporary pavilion creates a stage facility at Kirketorget - a central public square in Kongsberg. This sculpturally unusual form in untraditional materials has become a signature for the city's jazz festival.

seen from a different angle

The Lantern    (Floor - poured concrete; columns - solid untreated oak; roof construction - laminated pine; fittings - steel; roof - laminated glass, silk screened)

A continuation of the traditional gable roof form, this is a superstructure for urban space in Sandnes, one of its functions being for use in an outdoor market square.

New Holmenkollen Ski Jump

A steel structure that has become a national symbol.

The Norwegian Opera and Ballet.

Situated in the Bjorvika Harvour area, the opera roof has become an essential urban public space in Oslo


The Hamsun Centre

At Hamaroy where Knut Hamsun grew up

Petter Dass Museum 

The architects cut out a slice out of a ridge in order to build this museum which is located near the medieval church at Alstanhaug where Petter Dass was pastor from 1689 to 1707.

Halden Prison

The division into small units and the design of the landscape help to create more of a normal and everyday situation for the inmates.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

The seed vault was built to store plant seeds from gene banks worldwide maintaining the seed reserves in deep botanical hibernation.

National Tourist Routes in Norway



A place to stop and admire the view.

Norwegian Architecture Abroad

Element House

The pavillion is part of an art park - a spot for contemplation, resting and admiring the view.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu

Old Within New

The National Museum - Architecture

A new exhibition pavilion supplements the old bank building which was built in 1830.

Unfortunately I did not record what this building is. We saw something similar, a traditional building within a new one, in Potsdamer Square in Berlin.

Single houses

Cabin Haugen

Simplicity and quality using solid wood

at night

Farm House Dalaker/Galta

the inside, featuring an Isamu Noguchi coffee table

one more view of this fantastic house

Villa Borgen/Nielsen

This villa is built in a housing estate (!)

the living area on the ground floor

Apartment buildings

Storelva Project

A minimal energy consumption project.


Bjornholt Upper Secondary School

total transparency

and about what that all glass classroom, suspended in the air?

Tangen Polytechnic

The school is close to the Otra river, in Kristaansand.

The foyers function as meeting places for the students.

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  1. Thank you for your comment Scott, and your kind remarks. It's always exciting making connections with different art works. I love the Paul Klee painting.