Monday 22 April 2013



The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre), designed by Hackett Hall McKnight architects, is wedged between two existing buildings on a hemmed-in corner plot that sits beside the city cathedral.

A glazed tower sits atop the volcanic stone facade creating a beacon above the surrounding rooftops.

The back and side of the building draws its inspiration from the traditional brick warehouse and mill buildings of Belfast

but with a very definite modern twist

A long and narrow atrium divides the building into two halves and is surrounded by walls of exposed
concrete and brickwork.

the entrance hall but from a different angle

the stairs seen from the entrance hall

I was very impressed with the hospitality at the MAC. As I came through the doors I was greeted by one of the staff, who explained everything there was to see, who told me that I could take as many photographs I would want, sold me a programme (£3 - great value, I thought) and who furthermore, gave me two little chocolate eggs!

Another view of the entrance hall from above

The first floor landing with views of Saint Anne's square

a closer look at that settee

Looking up.

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